a new era of protection

Protect What

Custom mouthguards designed by dental specialists. Backed by science.

Battle Tested

Unparalleled protection in the fiercest of fights, trusted by MMA fighters who demand nothing but the best.

Protect the
whole squad

Equip your team with our custom-fit mouthguards, designed to offer unmatched protection and comfort for athletes at all levels, ensuring every member plays with confidence and peace of mind.

for the extreme

Designed to protect even the most extreme thrill-seekers. Focus on the adventure, not the impact.

Protecting Teams at Every Level

Book a time for our team to visit and scan your team swiftly and efficiently. We'll be in and out in under an hour—minimal disruption, maximum precision. Schedule now and get everyone game-ready!

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Guarding Every Game, At Every Level.

When it comes to sports, there's no one-size-fits-all. From young beginners to seasoned professionals facing off in high-stakes tournaments, every athlete deserves the utmost in protection.

the xsport difference

Designed by dental specialists

XSport guards aren't just approvaed by dentists, they are designed by them to protect better than any guard available.

Meet the team

State of the art technology

Utilizing top-tier FDA certified materials and a manufacturing process with precision down to the micron, we've transformed the creation and distribution of mouthguards for athletes.


Proven safety with data

Don't just trust our claims about our mouthguards' safety; examine the independent testing data for yourself. In our mission to craft the world's safest mouthguards, we aimed not only to assert it but to substantiate it with evidence.

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Why XSport?

How to get started

1. Choose your guard

Choose the XSport guard that best fits your needs.

2. Create your impression

Create your perfect fit with an XSport mouthguard by choosing one of two easy options: 1) Use our convenient self-impression kit at home, or 2) Visit a local dentist for a professional digital impression scan. Both paths lead to unparalleled protection.

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3. Receive your custom-fitted guard

Relax while our experts craft the most comfortable, protective mouthguard you've ever worn, delivered directly to your door for unmatched convenience and safety.

What athletes have to say


I want to make sure I'm protected, my brain is protected, and after fighting I can enjoy the life I have. XSport will allow me to do all of that.

Josiah Harrell
UFC Fighter

It seems more durable, but also fits a lot better. It makes a huge difference. This gives you the confidence to be more agressive without worrying about your teeth or head when out on the mats.

Michael Cheney
Black Belt Jiu Jitsu Fighter

I feel that those multiple layers offer further protection than a regular mouthguard would. I certainly feel more comfortable in it and couldn't recommend XSport mouthguards enough.

Luke Albu
MMA Fighter

It just snaps in, even when I get hit it doesn't come out or come lose. I feel like it's way more safe and secure than other mouthguards. It makes me a whole lot more confident playing on the field.

Camden Mann
Highschool Football & Volleyball Player

The XSport mouthguard really does amp up my confidence, knowing that it's not going to fall out.

Durell Kennedy
Purple Belt Jiu Jitsu Fighter