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If you are an athlete, you've likely been familiar with the importance of mouthguards. Protecting your teeth, mouth, jaw and overall orofacial anatomy is extremely important during competition to prevent traumatic injury to those areas. Mouthguards should protect by absorbing any impact that is transferred to or through your face and mouth.

We're glad you asked! We've developed a mouthguard specifically for athletes that wear braces calledThe Orthoguard.

If you lose your mouthguard please contact us for next steps. Assuming your dental anatomy has not changed since your last order, we can likely use your original digital impression to process a new mouthguard.

Great question! While all studies on mouthguards and concussions have been inconclusive, we're certainly on a mission to find out. We started XSport to create the safest mouthguards on the planet. To us that includes protecting more than just your mouth and teeth but your brain as well. While we cannot say mouthguards can prevent concussions, we are confident and testing data suggests they absorb impact which could otherwise be felt in the brain if not absorbed.

Our mouthguards were designed and are built to last. Unlike many mouthguards which break down after one season, XSport mouthguards will last many years without any sign of breaking down.


We do our best to ship all orders within a timely manner. However, the sooner you are able to get us your impressions, the quicker we can get your personalized XSport mouthguard to you.

Once your order is placed our team will be working diligently to process your order and get your custom guard made. You will receive email order status updates every step of the way.

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