Micron-level precision

A custom fit made to protect

Our mouthguards, sculpted with micron-level precision, offer a custom fit so seamless that they deliver unparalleled comfort and protection as if they were a natural extension of you.

The XSport Difference

100% Custom Fit

All XSport Mouthgaurds are made to your unqiue mouth. Leveraging the most advanced 3D printing technology, your mouthgaurd will be as unique as you are.

Superior Materials

XSport mouthguards use the highest-grade, science-backed, FDA approved materials for maximum protection and comfort.

Designed by Dental Specialists

XSport mouthguards have been meticulously designed by dental & health specialists for maximum protection while not sacrificing performance or comfort.

Independently Tested

Our mouthguards have been independently tested by specialists and universities to certify leading impact absorption compared to other mouthguards on the market.

redefining custom

Breakthroughs in 3D printing, CAD designing, and injection molding have transformed the production of custom-fit items, making mass customization a tangible reality. Gone are the days of primitive modeling's unpredictability, replaced by an age of precision and consistency in tailor-made solutions.

At last, the future is a perfect fit.

Are you fully protected?

Redefine your defense with XSport mouthguards, the ultimate in athletic protection, minimizing the risk of dental and brain injuries for athletes who refuse to compromise on safety.

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no baseless claims, just data

  • Independently run impact absorption tests by major universities like Auburn University & Ohio State University.
  • Based on test data, fair to conclude Xsport mouthguards may assist in preventing concussions and/or reduce the severity of concussions.

81% more impact absorbant than market leading mouthguards